To level the playing field for professionals both within the workforce and outside irrespective of the degrees they have earned or the schools they have attended.


Did you know that the last three years have witnessed an explosion of new learning offerings, including MOOCs, digital learning tools, video offerings, and new cloud-based training systems? Learners, however, have difficulty finding what they want, when they want it and in the right format. The problem is “context” not “content”


CareerWaze is about to transform your learning experience and do all the legwork for you. We analyze an employee’s skill profile, understand their gaps and provide personalized learning recommendations on courses and new skills that they should acquire.


The basis of learning recommendations is the discovery of all available professional learning content from multiple learning sources using AI technologies like Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning algorithms and by implementing skill graphs.The results we have in our system are superior to any single vendor as we have a curated view into the skills landscape and are aggregating various vendors offerings providing a true personalized experience to each and every user based on their goals and interests.