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  • Vision

    GreenLine aims at building sophisticated high end technology to make emergency services more efficient and effective. And also to provide just the right kind of applications to make hospital or medical management better.

  • Problem

    Most of the people either lose their life or get into a much serious medical condition, due to an accident or sudden health issue, just because they fail in receiving the right medical aid in time.


      1. Time: There's a lot of time wasted during the transit of the patient to the nearest medical aid. This is often the primary reason for the loss. This could be due to traffic blocks, lack of correct knowledge, problem in redirecting routes etc.

      2. Equipments: Lack of correct equipments or patient monitoring in Ambulances or Hospitals. Most of the times the medical aid in the ambulance is not sufficient to save the patient. This is due to the lack of proper equipments and people.

      3.Others: There are few other reasons like the lack of proper medication or first aid etc. Even a single second counts a lot when it comes to life and death.

  • Solution

    We at GreenLine build technology that could clear out the traffic even before the ambulance reaches the signal and make sure that the transit time is reduced. We also make sure that a control unit in the hospital keeps on monitoring the condition of the patient in the ambulance. Also, the nearby hospital will be informed about the arrival of the ambulance and the condition of the patient in it, even before the ambulance reaches the spot.

    We make it simpler for all our users by integrating the entire process into an application.

    When there's an accident or a major health issue, anyone nearby who uses this app could request for the ambulance. At the same time, if they don't have the app they can always call present emergency services like 108 and report. When an accident is reported we make sure we track the signal to get the exact position of the place.

    As soon as this is done. Once the ambulance takes the patient, he can select a nearby hospital he would like to go to. The application would direct the route to the medical aid.

    Now, after the route is set every time the ambulance is close to a traffic signal our technology will make sure that all the other lights go red and only the lane in which the ambulance is, goes green. This will save a lot of time. In case the signal somehow doesn't work and the light does not go red/green then GreenLine will switch it manually through the control center. Though our technology will make sure that this doesn't happen since we would also have traffic signal health monitoring system which will make sure whether all out networks are connected to the grid or not.

    GeenLine will also make sure that the expert medical aid in the control unit in the particular hospital have a clear communication with the ambulance until it reaches the hospital.