Health Saathi

Health Saathi

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  • Vision

    Digital solutions that work towards the speedy recovery of people from health issues, assuring them a healthy life.

  • Problem Statement

    Even after visiting a doctor, People are taking longer duration than expectedto recover from their Health issues. 70% of the Patients needs assistance with their medication and 40% of the Patients don’t take complete prescribed course


We at Health Saathi, give a complete solution for a user’s health needs. We believe there needs to be a companion who assists,reminds, informs and guides patients during their medication to recover faster and heathier.

Our health companiondigitalizes the patient prescription to remind him of the medication course. It providesawareness about side effects and symptoms, dietsuggestions and remindsthe user about tablet refills. The user can consult a doctor through our app, and we also remind him on the next doctor appointment.