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Oxyzen AI Pvt. Ltd works in the field of Artificial Intelligence seeking for AI collaboration all across the globe for the future of AI. B-AIM (Business- Artificial intelligent Machine) is the major project that we are working up-on

B-AIM, an innovative AI enterprise Cognitive neural network is a divine Lab for data that adopts the principles of Natural law and CERN for AI scientists across the globe, ready to be working hand in hand with the already existing Federal Reserve Protocols, collaborating to build a sustainable economic framework for the welfare of the planet

The B-AIM’s cognitive neural network and data structure were designed using Natural law and its behaviour on TIME. Our Indian Vedic research built us an opportunity to “Push a thought into an Artificial Intelligent machine” and expand B-AIM’s research in predicting “TIME”

We have reached a stage where we can no longer depend on human intelligence for the well- being of this planet with selfish AI practices being invented and deployed