Intelizest Consulting Pvt Ltd

Intelizest Consulting Pvt Ltd

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  • Vision

    Provide state of the art, cost-effective technological solutions and increase our global presence. They aim to transform businesses to a digital enterprise, streamlining processes for a robust performance

  • Values

    Intelizest helps enterprises to renew and improve existing landscapes on the basis of innovation so that their business would have greater efficiencies and remain relevant to the times

  • Problem

    Bridge the gap prevailing in the current scenario because of the unprecedented growth of Cloud, Mobility and Data

  • Strategy

    The expertise lies in providing the right technology assessment of your current business case and provide a roadmap for robust business productivity. You can experience a complete IT transformation when you invite us into your premises.


With a unique industry-based consultative approach, they help clients envision, build and run more innovative and efficient businesses.

To create software products that are tailor-made to meet the unique business requirements of various industries, Intelizest uses their expertise to implement cutting-edge technologies like Deep Learning (which includes IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Blockchain), Cloud Services that are capable of addressing all the needs and requirements of the business, and Data Collection through Commodity and Smart Sensors to track ‘Proprietary’ and ‘Real’ time data, to design their solutions.

They also have a proficient team that actively works to design, develop, integrate and implement solutions based on third party software to automate the entire business process.

Their product suite includes:

iBWMS: An IoT based Warehouse Management Solution developed to efficiently manage warehouse operations by creating a fully automated, smart and hyper-efficient warehouse

RekoChain: A smart supplier collaboration portal aided by Blockchain technology and Machine Learning designed to streamline and simplify the procurement process for all industries

Turbozest: A predictive data and business analytics tool that uses SAP HANA PAL and Machine Learning Algorithms to provide real-time data, reports and insights and simplify business operations

Criztel: A .NET based modular ERP solution built to unify an entire organization into one integrated software suite to enhance operational efficiency

BEAST: A Blockchain enabled Automobile Solution designed to automate and digitalize the global automobile industry


Their expertise lies in providing the right technology assessment of your current business case and providing a roadmap for robust business productivity. From engineering to application development to knowledge management as well as business process management, Intelizest helps their clients identify the right problems to solve and to strategize effectively. Experience a complete IT transformation with Intelizest.