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  • Vision

    To help improve quality of life of individuals through innovation.

  • Mission

    To transform India into cashless empowered society.

  • Problem

    1. Cash economy facilitates the black money, fake money, money laundering, drug trading, tax evasion, no transparency, corruption, etc. 2. Interoperability amongst various front-end players 3. Internet connectivity is another big challenge as of now.

  • Solution

    By considering the above problems, public interest and government customs, we introduced the new system called S2Pay.


The world's most advanced technology, the future of payment method that is S2Pay System. The Major advantages through S2Pay System are:

1. Offline hand to hand transactions
2. Easy and quick withdrawals, transfer and deposits anywhere, at anytime
3. Easy and quick currency exchange anywhere, at anytime
4. E-Ledger Maintenance
5. Theft control