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  • Vision

    Provide end to end innovative solutions by integrating technology to give deep data analysis of geo-location and to accelerate growth, efficiency of digital transformation

  • Mission

    To integrate the perspectives of clients to help them in achieving their strategic business objectives in excellence and with a commitment to results

  • Problem

    User is able to view the satellite images and nearby locations but not location-specific information

  • Solution

    “PINTAGO“ A go-get approach of Delivering Right message to Right person at Right time by virtually creating the fences and tagging


Geo Fence is a virtual perimeter for a real-world geographic area generated dynamically with a secured strategy model. Geo Tagging Process of adding geographical identification metadata to various media over a wide variety of location-specific information from a device. Together for marketing the services offered by the service provider to the customers according to their interests/ Past Transactions using Google maps by storing/capturing the particular latitude and longitude locations and sending the alerts through an external tracking device

Focus Segments

  • Smart Village Solution

  • Retail management

  • Logistics

  • Smart Village Kiosk.